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Sustainability and employment

An innovative approach.


SLS will generate revenue through affiliated businesses, as well as through the generosity of individuals, organizations, and foundations across the United States.

These businesses will serve three purposes:
(1) Help sustain SLS services
(2) Offer employment for the SLS community and other adults with disabilities, matching their skillsets to needed services
(3) Provide SLS residents with the opportunity to interact with the broader community

Multipurpose affiliated businesses.

SLS will pursue a three-prong strategy that includes:

(1) For-profit businesses that significantly engage SLS community members primarily for therapeutic outcomes
(2) For-profit businesses that engage SLS community members to an appropriate degree, and are also intended to drive significant revenues to help pay for client programming costs
(3) Businesses that may have no direct engagement for SLS community members, but will be outstanding, complementary, and profitable tenants.

The primary financial objective for the affiliated/tenant for-profit businesses shall be to eventually cover at least forty percent of the operating costs
for SLS.

Examples of affiliated businesses could include: bike shop and repair, retail/coffee shop, bakery, farm-to-table restaurant, hydroponic year-round vegetable production, solar power production, data analysis and research services.