Supporting the Northwest Arkansas economy.


SLS will be an open, engaging community – one neighborhood among neighborhoods. Those that interact with adults with developmental disabilities will come through the doors as family members, volunteers, mentors, and friends. They will be enriched by their experiences, developing a deeper understanding of community and a heart and compassion for others. They will receive as much as they give, learn as much as they teach, and grow from their experiences with each other. There is huge value in multi-generational, human interaction, and SLS will provide an atmosphere and a space to cultivate these beneficial relationships

The results of the SLS model will be magnified with a significant ripple affect.  SLS will impact adults with developmental disabilities that find meaningful connections and work in its businesses. It will impact parents, families, and friends of its residents and employees. And, finally, it will transform the hearts and minds of the broader community through understanding and interaction. The SLS model, once proven successful, will be reproduced in communities across the country, exponentially increasing the power of this project.