Engage, Educate & Employ

Having a meaningful job and contributing our skills and insights is an important part of building confidence.

How is Engage, Educate & Employ effective?

Engage – Bringing individuals and families into the program, we offer an expedient and thoughtful introduction to a welcoming community centered on skill development, placement and coaching.

Evaluate – Exploring each person’s interests, talents, social skills, communications and other key areas for successful placement utilizes one-on-one interviews and carefully designed assessment tools.

Educate – Observable and measurable skills are outlined following assessment. A comprehensive individual support plan maximizes strengths with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods used to teach and monitor skills.

Employ – Matching strengths with the needs of the workplace, coupled with ongoing support based on ABA principles, results in meaningful work for the individual.

Entrepreneurship – Partnering with regional resources, we explore ideas and guide participants through the stages of market analysis, sourcing, financial planning and marketing.

Expand – Creating new, innovative work options for neurodiverse adults addresses the 85% unemployment rate and introduces a hidden workforce to Northwest Arkansas businesses.

Our Workforce Development Initiative

There are three essential components in any successful program for enhancing opportunities for neurodiverse individuals:


The ability to identify and engage each participant's interests and co-assess their skill level and capacity.


Support personal & professional growth through skilled pre-training and on-site coaching.


Link coaches to participants and employers for long-term success.

These three elements are all so important for our community of neurodiverse adults (autism, Down Syndrome and more). With an 85% unemployment rate, each skilled, eager-to-work individual doesn’t often get the opportunity to contribute talents. Employers are often hesitant to open jobs to a population that may require accommodations and flexibility. Engage, Educate & Employ addresses that.

Grace & Flavor, the first SLS social enterprise, is the training ground in the areas of hospitality, management, marketing, accounting and more. It will bring the community together and be a catalyst for shifting perceptions and identifying opportunities. The majority of Grace & Flavor employees will be neurodiverse.

Incredible Things Can Happen With Your Support

The need for innovative, person-centered services and support continues to exceed the available resources, leaving a generation of people with emotional and intellectual disabilities and their families in a programmatic, financial and personal crisis.

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