OUr Story

Most parents with children with autism face the same question as Ashton and Betts: Where will my child live as she ages?


Ashton and Betts McCombs founded Spectrum Living Solutions (SLS) in 2016 so that neurodiverse adults could flourish, interact meaningfully with the broader community and find their own path to self-actualization. Their daughter, Anna, who is now 22 years old, is on the autism spectrum and highly behavioral. The McCombs family searched around the country to find the right place for Anna, receiving help from the Kennedy Krieger institute, Johns Hopkins, Arkansas options and finally matching Anna’s needs with the May Institute in Boston.

Throughout that journey, they met countless families, many single-parent households, who had little to no resources for their adult son or daughter. Most struggled financially and too often felt at a loss on how to best support their child and take care of their family.  With the SLS clinical partner, the May Institute, we are committed to taking a percentage of the hardest to place adults, a dynamic that often stretches a family’s ability to cope on a day-to-day basis.

Combining all aspects for a full and meaningful life, SLS offers housing, social enterprise businesses for employment both on site and in the region, corporate hiring/training partnerships, recreation, education, life skill building and full integration with the surrounding communities and the state.  The model evolved from Ashton, Betts and their family's own experience and what they learned from adults with special abilities, their parents and siblings.  

Spectrum Living Solutions surrounds neurodiverse adults with opportunities to thrive through independence and choice and implements long-term strategies to open this multifaceted option up to all families, regardless of socioeconomic income levels. Support extends to family members and both seasoned and emerging professionals in service fields, for example, from art and music to occupational and speech therapy. We are implementing a comprehensive model that fuels an individual’s ability to contribute their skills, explore their dreams and find joy in everyday living.