Vibrant, person-centered, and purposeful.


SLS is a community of resources for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities 18 and older that will provide a high-quality living, learning and working environment. It is designed to be a neighborhood fully and actively integrated with the everyday life of its home region.

As an innovative, vibrant, and person-centered option, SLS supports individuals to thrive through purposeful living. Serving adults from all socioeconomic backgrounds, SLS gives parents and families options, as well as peace of mind.

SLS will offer residents and day program participants opportunities to shine through a creative team approach that utilizes best practices, integrates the best parts of successful national models, and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within the neighborhood, as well as with clients.

Many adults do not want to, or cannot, live at home, but rather seek to be independent and part of a community that honors and utilizes their talents. Connection is a fundamental human need, and this drive for connection is often grossly underestimated in adults with developmental disabilities. Social deficits often mask a deep desire for interpersonal connection. SLS will challenge existing assumptions and illustrate that true community can happen for adults with developmental disabilities.

The SLS approach is different because it will give adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a sense of community, fostering choice and multiple options for connection. In addition, the services provided are tailored to the individual’s particular set of strengths and needs. It is designed as a place that provides inclusion, purpose, hope, and independence, and that truly embraces the human spirit and uniqueness of each person.



1 in 58 children will be born with autism. This will be the first generation of children born with autism who will outlive their parents. This trend calls for new modes of services and support.